ANSSS American Nutritional Supplements BioTech, Inc. is headquartered in Fremont CA - Center of Silicon Valley. We are using only the best quality of ingredients to produce high quality vitamins and nutritional herbal dietary supplements with the highest potency available. They are manufactured to high standards of quality, efficacy, and safety in our own state-of-the-art GMP Certified facility in the U.S. (Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is a set of guidelines outlining a system of process, procedures, and documentation, which gives you the assurance that the products you purchase are the correct and appropriate strength, composition, quality, and purity, all packaged in bottles for your convenience).

As part of our commitment to quality, we manufacture our products within the US to ensure that we have control over the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, and we only use natural ingredients from suppliers that meet these GMP standards. Working with a reputable GMP Certified nutraceutical manufacturer gives you peace of mind that each top-quality vitamin and supplement product you choose is exactly what you purchased.

ANSSS’s mission is to make the finest quality nutritional supplements available and turn them into the best value Dietary Supplements available for our customers. Every ANSSS dietary supplement is put through numerous quality tests throughout the manufacturing process in order to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Once our products are manufactured, we perform a final test to ensure that the correct quantity specified per capsule is truly what has been placed inside every capsule. We take pride in delivering the specified quantity of ingredients to our customers. We do not add any filler ingredients; we promise that each and every capsule that is made is 100% full of Natural Herbs that meet FDA regulations.

Our supplements are formulated by dedicated ANSSS staff working alongside accomplished research scientists and clinicians to provide the latest and safest vitamin and supplement formulas available. We are in constant close contact with our formula advisors, such as Dr. Jay Wilkins, who are truly concerned about health and well-being, ensuring all of our supplements contain the finest ingredients with the highest efficacy.

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