60 Capsules
Take one in morning and one at night.
Why Stomach-HPK? SuggestedServing Essential Vitamins for Stomach Health FAQ Supplement Fact Ingredient
Why Stomach-HPK ?
Stomach line artThe main function of the stomach is digestion. The stomach stores the food we eat and produces acids and enzymes that break down the food into energy and nutrients that the body needs for nourishment. Therefore, ensuring optimal stomach functions is crucial for overall health and well-being.

Stomach-HPK assists in normal digestive functions such as:
  • Proper enzymatic digestion of proteins and fats
  • Limiting absorption of water, alcohol, and some drugs
  • Efficient functioning of small intestines
*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Suggested Serving
The recommended dosage is one capsule taken twice daily. One in the morning, and one in the evening must be taken with a meal to prevent stomach irritation.

*As with any dietary supplement, consult your health care practitioner before using this product, especially if you experience any allergic reactions or have an existing condition.

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Essential Vitamins for Stomach Health
If you are already talking a multivitamin, please check that it includes the vitamins and minerals listed below for better results. If you are not currently taking multivitamins, we suggest you take this dietary supplement with any other multivitamin that contains these vitamins to enhance effectiveness.

Vitamin B1 (thiamine)
Converts carbohydrates, or sugars, into energy for the cells in your body. It is essential for the proper function of the muscular system, cardiovascular system, and nervous system.

Vitamin B3 (niacin)
Breaks down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and converts them into calories for energy.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)
Helps the body break down proteins that have been consumed.

Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin)
Stored in the liver and kidneys, and is important for metabolism. It aids in maintaining the health of the nervous system and is also necessary in the production of DNA.

Assists in the process of metabolism producing cholesterol and by breaking down carbohydrates, proteins, and fatty acids.

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Q:Can I take a variety of dietary supplements at the same time?
A: Yes, this range of products is a source of dietary nutritional supplements; they are similar to food. Two to three kinds can be taken together, only after meals. For more than three kinds, the fourth and/or fifth kind can be separated by two hours for easy absorption.

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Supplement Facts

Supplement Fact

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  Ingredient Amount per serving (2 caps)
SD-Plex   Proprietary Blend1,560.8 mg
DGL deglycerolized licorice, Sulphorane from cabbage, Papain 3000 USP
SC-Plex   Proprietary Blend418 mg
Pepsin 1:10,000, Lipase 10,000 LU, Cat's Claw, Papaya Leaf
Amylase 5,000 SKB30 mg
Protease 100,000 HUT30 mg
Zinc-L-Carnosine 25 mg

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DGL (Deglycerolized Licorice)
Deglycerolized Licorice   Deglycerolized Licorice, also known as DGL, is a herbal supplement typically used in herbal remedies to provide soothing digestive support.

It is made from licorice from which the glycyrrhizin has been removed.
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Cat's Claw
cat's claw  

Cat’s Claw has a long history of traditional use by indigenous peoples in South America. It is a plant with two species. Uncaria tomentosa, and Uncaria guianensis. Uncaria tomentosa is most commonly used in the U.S., and Uncaria guianensis is typically used in Europe.

Cat's Claw may help stimulate part of the immune system, and has antioxidant properties that rid the body of damaging free radicals.

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Papaya Leaf
papaya_leaf   Papaya Leaf contains a remarkable protein-dissolving enzyme. As a natural digestive aid, Papaya Leaf stimulates digestive acids and the production of bile, which may also lead to a healthier liver and pancreas, and is also used to stimulate appetite.
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Papain (3000 USP)
papain   Papain, a rich source of minerals and vitamins A, C and E, breaks down wheat gluten, and also helps to dissolve and digest protein.
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Amylase (5,000 SKB)
amylase   Amylase is an enzyme that converts starches into sugars. It is an integral part of the digestive process through its production in the salivary glands and pancreas. Amylase can be used in coordination with other enzymes to aid digestion during episodes of occassional heartburn or indigestion. It may also be taken before each meal to reduce one’s appetite.
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Protease (100,000 HUT)
protease   Chymotrypsin is a digestive enzyme that breaks down proteins (i.e., it is a proteolytic enzyme, also referred to as a protease). These enzymes enter the digestive system and passes through the stomach or intestines to enter the circulatory system and travel throughout the body.
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Lipase (10,000 LU)
lipase   Lipase is an enzyme made by the pancreas. When one eats, lipase is released into the digestive tract to aid in the breakdown of fats. Lipase also functions to increase cell permeability, which allows vital nutrients and wastes to flow across the cell wall to provide nourishment for the cells.
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zinc-l-carnosine   Zinc L-Carnosine is a chelate of divalent zinc and the dipeptide L-carnosine, which may help support healthy stomach lining.
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Pepsin (1:10,000)
pepsin   The chief component of the body's stomach fluids, pepsin is a digestive enzyme that is produced from a precursor substance called pepsiongen. Pepsin is produced in the cells of stomach lining and excreted in response to food entering the digestive tract. The body produces pepsin in various forms, with the most active form being pepsin A.
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Sulforaphane (from cabbage)
sulphorane   Sulforaphane is found in cabbage and it is the most important vegetable in the world from the point of view of its phytochemical properties. Sulforaphane acts as an antioxidant and as a potent stimulator of natural detoxifying enzymes in the body.

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